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HMV table model HMV Decca Garrard
HMV table model (103 or 107) 1920's HMV portable (Model 101) 1920's-30's Decca portable (Model 50) 1940's Garrard Magnetic (Model S2) 1950's
The two most popular table machines from this period were the HMV 103 and 109 gramophones. They were very similar in appearance, but the 109 had a larger double spring No.32 motor. The Model 103 has a single spring motor. Both machines were fitted with the No.4 sound-box. This machine has two small doors at the front hiding the internal horn and could be used to control the volume. 101 portable gramophone was available between October 1925 and circa 1931, the Gramophone was originally introduced with the winding handle on the front, in late 1926 / early 1927 it was moved to the side. One of the most popular portables and a classic of the of the 1920s was the HMV model 101. It had a reliable motor and a very good No.4 sound-box, which although still made of mica, had a large diaphragm which gives very good sound quality. Indeed the quality of sound from a 101 can often be as good as that produced by the No.5 boxes used in the 1930 models like the HMV 102. There are several different models with different arrangements for needle storage and later ones, with an automatic brake. The gramophone works well and has storage for a small selection of favourite records in the lid.

Needle tins                              PYE PZ95 Radiogram

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